I founded our cattery in 2007. It was my dream since I was little because my mother raised persian cats. When I was browsing the internet to find the best breed for me, I found a photo of "Mouce", ie Tolstoy Stella Felicita owned by Eva Iltisova. This tomcat became an icon for me and will remain so forever. The beautiful cat of the Neva masquerade started the fulfillment of my dream.

Today we have cats from our cattery almost all over the world. Not only in many European countries but also in the USA, Russia, China, Japan or Singapore.

The priority for my cattery is not only good type and temperament, but also health. We regularly test all our cats for viral and genetic diseases. We test HCM (heart), PKD (kidneys), FeLV (feline leukemia), FIV (feline HIV) and blood type in our kennel before the cat is let in the kennel. During the cat’s life, we regularly retest HCM, streptococci, coronaviruses, giardia, etc.